Call for Bios Camp 2017

Call for Bios Camp 2017

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Is there any particular reason in biomimicry to set-up as an ivory tower ?

I can’t intelligibly understand the purpose of a practice who claims to be field “Inspîration from nature to solve humans problems” if it encloses itself in systems inherited from toxic paradigms. Perhaps this is deliberately to come out of it the best of a market with strong financial potential. The smell of a new juicy market, which would seem more green than green washing, stirs guardians of the tower that “functions as an exclusive club whose membership is tightly controlled by what can be called A “dominant model” Patricia Braodfoot.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the principles of hybridization of cultural universes and practices by Otto Herbert Schmitt’s example led to the name and clarification of the term biomimicry to describe an exploration mode of Nature as a source of efficient & less costly solutions faces to lot of issues. Then the “deep” question of what nature is ultimately was treated by Freya Mathews. More recently, starting in 1998, there are three basic principles of biomimicry, as defined by Janine Benyus:

Open source biomimicry ?

It would be somewhat unclear concept for a “movement” of the green revolution, through knowledge aimed at reconciliation with the biosphere, to copy systems that are not peer-to-peer and patented.

While biomimicry in France, and more widely in Europe, the question of ethics is too often dealt with in depth, there are nevertheless initiatives that are nascent and teem, diffuses but often not very interconnected.

If the first observation on this same practice of biomimicry has not (yet) arise equivalents to Meredith Patterson, to Aaron Swartz, au Critical Ingineering Manifesto, Open Source Ecology, and others, is not yet a fatality because We have the opportunity not to let biomimicry intoxicate itself by our carelessness. We could work on post-consumer efficiency by understanding a “systemic toxicity of commercial propaganda” and we could bring conditions for a new paradigm coherent with biomimicry.

The call for interest

The word interest (from Latin interest, “it matters”) has several meanings: Interest is a sense of curiosity and benevolence towards a person or a thing. Wikipedia

Open source has won (“Open Source Won, So, Now What” .Wired) but isn’t yet a sap of biomimicry’s practices. This is a major risk to the innovation inspired by the Living who does not lay any patent on its engineering.

So, without showing here fat theories about the harmfulness of silos and the toxicity of proprietary systems, without giving away the benefits and perks of open source, I invite you to an open call for co-organization and co-governance of a Biomimicry moment in September 2017 over 4 days. Let’s do it together !

Bios Camp 2017

Biomimicry, Bio design, Bio inspiration, Bio remediation … In France and in Europe, it’s up to you.

  1. To be a co-organizer, you must POWER a proof of open source and / or Open Knowledge in your practices. Student or in retirement, employee or entrepreneur, researcher or self-taught, individual or organization, it’s open to everyone but one does not invest in it any way.

  2. A first step is the call to co-creators until January 15, 2017, individual or organizations.

  3. The co-organizers will be a college of “architects” in the event aimed at co-ddesign with the participants: KNOWLEDGE and transmission

  4. WILLPOWER: Discussion by open consensus and documented under license of the college for the organizational choices (governance, place, Topic and focus, distribution …).

  5. Web site with open documentation (wiki, github, pads ..)

  6. Call for participants: projects, teams, organizations, students - Open Source and / or Open Knowledge required - March / April 2017

  7. Achievement of the Bios Camp 2017 during 4 days, september 2017

Call for proposal closed

To try to reassure you

As though trust relationships born, it seems, somewhere between self-reliance and voluntary sharing of resources, as though benevolence must not be an excuse for slyly making the consent, Here are some achievements already co-produced with a biomimicry HackLab & wide communties (documentation already in french, sorry) :

Looking forward to reading you very soon, and forward to meeting you, I hold you in high regard To have paid attention to an approach Whose ethics and sincerity will not suit everyone.

Sorry for my poor English translation of this original call in french language. But, if you want, you can help to enhance it directly by yourself throught open source collab with github.


Merci à toutes les personnes qui soutiennent les efforts par leurs dons

Xavier Coadic

Xavier Coadic

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